Shi-Qiang Yang

Professor and Executive Chair of
Department of Computer Science and Technology
Tsinghua University

Chair of
Lab of Multimedia and Networking
Institute of HCI and Media Integration

I was born in July 1952 and graduated from Department of Computer Science and Technology of Tsinghua University in 1977, I got my masters degree in 1983. Since 1994,I have served as the associate department head and I am executive chair of the department now. I am a member of the IEEE, Phd students advisor, the director of Multimedia Committee of China Computing Federation. besides, I have collaboration with many international companies including Intel, Microsoft and I am the co-director of Tsinghua- Microsoft Multimedia and Network Joint Lab.

My research interests include multimedia technology and systems, video compression and streaming, content-based retrieval for multimedia information, multimedia content security and digital right management. More than 100 papers have been published and several standard proposals have been accepted by MPEG. I have organized many conferences served as program Chair or TPC member, including PCM05, PCM06, Workshop On ACM Multimedia05, MMM06, ICME06, MMSP05, ASWC06 etc.


Phone: (86-10) 62771978
Fax: (86-10) 62771138