Active Services and Program Mining


The Research Project of Active Services and Program Mining is dedicated to provide Internet users with personalized, active services in the Internet, the procedure of which mainly includes the mining and management of existing service components and the organization, classification, storage, identification, retrieval and reuse of them by given rules and standards.

The research content includes:
1. Model of Active Services and Program Mining in the next generation Internet;
2. Description and analysis of user requirement;
3. Methods of mining, retrieval, organization, classification and management of component resource in the Internet;
4. Universal description model and transition method of software components according with different standards;
5. Organization and management method of local component warehouse;
6. Mechanism of component composition and program publication;
7. Integrated support and management toolkit for Program Mining.


The application prospect includes:
1. Providing personalized and configurable active service for end users;
2. Implementing automated recomposition and personalized configuration of business process in specific domains, with the support of domain component warehouses,;
3. Providing dynamic on-demand service for the mobile devices with limited local resource;
4. Building a service search engine comparable to the famous web search engines such as Yahoo and Google.


             Monograph: Active Services: Concepts, Architecture and Implementation
                          (published by Science Press and Thomson Learning, in 2005)



              Interface of Component Warehouse System and Component Composition System



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