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The Multimedia Group's ongoing research projects.

Multimedia Networking and Video Streaming

ADVANCES in computers, networking, and communications have created new distribution channels and business opportunities for the dissemination of multimedia content...
Interactive Multiview Video and Parallelism over Multi-core

The next generation multimedia applications will be interactive and realistic based on network. In one hand, people want to be more active......
Video Analysis and Video Mining

The research is centered around web video topic discovery, visual event pattern mining and its applications, object detection and tracking.
Compressive sensing

We propose a new framework that combines the classical local discrete cosine transform used in image compression algorithms such as JPEG with a global noiselet measure which is solved using second order cone programming (SOCP).......
Image restoration and enhancement

This project foucs on denoising, deblurring and contrast enhancement.
Digital Rights Management

The subject focuses on various security technologies and solutions used for Digital Rights Management including digital watermarking......
Social network

The subject focuses on modeling Behavioral Information Flow and Mining Topics.

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