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清华大学计算机系庞一 获得IEEE TCSVT最佳论文奖

Yi (Amy) Pang from Tsinghua University Obtained the IEEE TCSVT Best Paper Award

日前,清华大学计算机系博士生庞一(个人主页) 作为第一作者发表的论文A Framework for Heuristic Scheduling for Parallel Processing on Multi-core Architecture - A Case Study with Multi-view Video Coding获得IEEE T-CSVT(Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology)2010年最佳论文奖。 6月1日在巴黎举行的ISCAS(电路与系统国际会议)上颁发了这个奖项。这是多媒体技术领域最有影响的论文奖项之一, 也是第一篇由国内高校独立完成的论文获得该奖项。


论文提出了一种面向多核处理器体系结构的启发式调度算法,对于运算量大的应用算法能够十分准确的评估其动态 调度性能,从而省去了繁琐的系统实现步骤。论文发表在该刊2009年第11期,指导教师为杨士强,副指导教师为温江涛。


IEEE T-CSVT是视频与视觉信息技术处理领域的国际顶级期刊,2008年影响因子为2.951,所涉及领域涵盖图像处理 与分析、图像与视频压缩、信号处理、视频检索、计算机视觉等方面。该刊每年从往年发表的250余篇论文中评选出一篇年度最佳论文。


在ISCAS会上,计算机系教授杨士强还当选为IEEE电路与系统学会(CAS)可视信号处理与通信技术委员会委员(Visual Signal Processing and Communications,TC)。

Recently, as the first author, Ms. Yi (Amy) Pang (Homepage) , a Ph.D. student in Department of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University, published the paper in IEEE Transactions on Circuits and System for Technology (IEEE T-CSVT) which won the IEEE T-CSVT BEST PAPER AWARD. This is one of the most influential paper awards in the area of multimedia technology. Also, this is the first paper accomplished by domestic Universities independently.

IEEE T-CSVT is the top international periodical in the area of video and vision technology. The impact factor in 2008 is 2.951. Its aims and scope include image analysis and processing, video compression techniques and video signal processing, Video A/D and D/A, display technology, computer vision, packet video, multiprocessor systems, video systems architecture and other video-technology-related topics. Every year, only one paper wins the yearly best paper award among about 250 papers. Ms. Yi Pang’s paper, titled “A Framework for Heuristic Scheduling for Parallel Processing on Multicore Architecture: A Case Study with Multi-view Video Coding” published in IEEE TCSVT, pp. 1658-1666, November 2009. The paper introduces a dynamic lightweight, real-time framework to predict accurately the performance of different scenarios without actually implementations. Most of the authors of the IEEE TCSVT BEST PAPER AWARD in the past 18 years are among the most influential scholars in multimedia technology. They are Member NAE, IEEE Life Fellow like Bede Liu, and IEEE Fellow, Allen Gersho, Huifang Sun, M-T. Sun, Ling Guan, Ashfaq Ahmad, Homer H.Chen William A. Pearlman, Wenwu Zhu, Shih-Fu Chang, etc. Also, Wenluo Yang, vice director for Google China, and Ya-qin Zhang , vice president of Microsoft Corporation, are among them.

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