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English Conference Papers

Farzana Jabeen, Linmi Tao, Xinyue Wang and Shanshan Mei, “C-SAK: Chinese Scanning Ambiguous Keyboard for Parkinson's Disease Patients” Published in “2018 IEEE 16th Intl Conf on Pervasive Intelligence and Computing, pp.792-799 , Athens, August 12-15,2018. [PDF]

Xia, Wu, and Linmi Tao. "Million-Pixel Computational Imaging Model." 2018 25th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP). IEEE, 2018. [PDF]

Farzana Jabeen , Linmi Tao, Xinyue Wang. "Mind Interactive Multimedia System for Disabled People". Accepted in 10th International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, Biomedical Engineering and Informatics 2017 held on 14-16 Oct in Shanghai. [PDF]

Farzana Jabeen, Linmi Tao,Tian Linlin, "One Bit Mouse for Virtual Reality", In International Conference on Virtual Reality and Visualization (ICVRV 2016) held one Sep 24-26 , IEEE ,Hangzhou, China. [PDF]

Farzana Jabeen and Linmi Tao. "An Efficient Text Entry Model for Scanning Ambiguous Keyboard." In Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics (IHMSC), 2017 9th International Conference on, vol. 1, pp. 71-76. IEEE, 2017. [PDF]

Ma, Feilong, Linmi Tao, and Wu Xia. "Lagrange Detector in Image Processing." International Conference on Image and Graphics. Springer, Cham, 2017. [PDF]

Mughees, Atif, Xiaoqi Chen, and Linmi Tao. "Unsupervised hyperspectral image segmentation: Merging spectral and spatial information in boundary adjustment." Society of Instrument and Control Engineers of Japan (SICE), 2016 55th Annual Conference of the. IEEE, 2016. [PDF]

Mughees. Atif, and Linmi Tao “Hyper-Voxel Based Deep Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification” Accepted and presented in ICIP 2017. [PDF]

Mughees. Atif, and Linmi Tao “Hyperspectral Image Classification via Shape-Adaptive Deep Learning”. Accepted and presented in ICIP 2017. [PDF]

Mughees, Atif, and Linmi Tao. "Efficient Deep Auto-Encoder Learning for the Classification of Hyperspectral Images." Virtual Reality and Visualization (ICVRV), 2016 International Conference on. IEEE, 2016. [PDF]

Mughees. Atif, and Linmi Tao “Hyperspectral Image Classification based on Deep auto-Encoder and Hidden Markov Random Field” Accepted and presented in ICNC-FSKD 2017. [PDF]

Mughees. Atif, and Linmi Tao “Efficient Deep Belief Network Based Hyperspectral Image Classification” Accepted and presented in ICIG 2017. [PDF]

Mughees. Atif, and Linmi Tao “Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification via Boundary-Adaptive Deep Learning” accepted in 2017 International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA 2017) [PDF]

Meiqing Zhang, Linmi Tao: A Patch Aware Multiple Dictionary Framework for Demosaicing (ACCV 2014), Singapore, November 1-5, 2014 [PDF] [CODE]

Meiqing Zhang, Linmi Tao: Volume Reconstruction for MRI, 22nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2014), Stockholm Sweden, August 24-28, 2014. [PDF]

Linmi Tao, Lixia Meng, Fuchun Sun: RIM: risk interaction model for vehicle navigation. APCHI 2012: 237-242. [PDF]

Lijuan Jia, Dandan Song, Linmi Tao, Yao Lu: Heart Sounds Classification with a Fuzzy Neural Network Method with Structure Learning. ISNN (2) 2012: 130-140. [PDF]

Wang, Q., L. Tao and H. Di, A Globally Optimal Approach for 3D Elastic Motion Estimation from Stereo Sequences, in 11th European Conference on Computer Vision. 2010: Crete, Greece. [PDF]

Sun, L., et al. A Robust Approach for Person Localization in Multi-camera Environment. in International Conference on Pattern Recognition. 2010. Istanbul, Turkey. [PDF]

Haq, Q.S.U., et al. A robust band compression technique for hyperspectral image classification. in IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Intelligent Systems. 2010. Xiamen, China. [PDF]

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Haq, Q.S.U., et al. Hyperspectral data classification via sparse representation in homotopy. in International Conference on Information Science and Engineering. 2010. Hangzhou, China. [PDF]

Cao, Y., et al., View and scale insensitive action representation and recognition, in 20th IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing. 2010: Texas, USA. [PDF]

Dong, L., et al., A Study of Two Image Representations for Head Pose Estimation, in Fifth International Conference on Image and Graphics. 2009: Xi'an, China. [PDF]

Cao, Y., L. Tao and G. Xu. An Event-driven Context Model in Elderly Health Monitoring. in IEEE Symposia and Workshops on Ubiquitous, Autonomic and Trusted Computing. 2009. [PDF]

Dong, L., et al. Visual Focus of Attention Recognition in the Ambient Kitchen. in Asian Conference on Computer Vision. 2009. Xi'an, China: Springer. [PDF]

Sun, L., et al. A context representation and management mechanism towards ubiquitous intelligence. in 8th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology. 2008. Sydney, Australia. [PDF]

Sun, L., et al. A Generic Context Information System for Intelligent Vision Applications. in 8th international conference on Computational Science. 2008. Krakow, POLAND: Springer. [PDF]

Jin, Y., et al. Background modeling from a free-moving camera by Multi-Layer Homography Algorithm. in 15th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing. 2008. San Diego, California, USA. [PDF]

Jin, Y., et al. A Theoretical Approach to Construct Highly Discriminative Features with Application in AdaBoost. in Asian Conference on Computer Vision. 2007. Tokyo, Japan. [PDF]

Dai, P., et al. An Adaptive Vision System Toward Implicit Human Computer Interaction. in 4th International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. 2007. Beijing, China. [PDF]

Dai, P., L. Tao and G. Xu. Audio-Visual Fused Online Context Analysis Toward Smart Meeting Room. in 4th Internatioanl Conference on UBIQUITOUS INTELLIGENCE AND COMPUTING. 2007. Hong Kong, China. [PDF]

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Dai, P., L. Tao and G. Xu. Dynamic context driven human detection and tracking in meeting scenarios. in International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications. 2007. [PDF]

Di, H., et al. Groupwise Shape Registration on Raw Edge Sequence via A Spatio-Temporal Generative Model. in IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. 2007. [PDF]

Dong, L., et al. Recognition of Multi-Pose Head Gestures in Human Conversations. in International Conference on Image and Graphics. 2007. [PDF]

Zhang, X., et al. The on-the-spot meeting analysis and archiving system. in International Conference on Wavelet Analysis and Pattern Recognition. 2007. [PDF]

Liu, Y., G. Xu and L. Tao. An Efficient Approach for Multi-view Face Animation Based on Quasi 3D Model. in Asian Conference on Computer Vision. 2006. Hyderabad, India. [PDF]

Xie, F., et al. Estimating illumination parameters in real space with application to image relighting. in Asian Conference on Computer Vision. 2006. Hyderabad, India. [PDF]

Wang, Y., et al. Real-Time Multi-View Face Detection and Pose Estimation in Video Stream. in International Conference on Pattern Recognition. 2006. [PDF]

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Jin, G., L. Tao and G. Xu. Hidden Markov Model Based Events Detection in Soccer Video. in International Conference om Image Analysis and Recognition. 2004. Porto, Portugal: Springer. [PDF]

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Peng, Z., et al. Detecting Facial Features on Images with Multiple Faces. in International Conference on MULTIMODAL INTERFACES. 2000: Springer. [PDF]

English Journal Papers

Mughees. Atif, and Linmi Tao “Multi Deep Belief Network Based spectral-spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Image” Tsinghua science and technology Journal. [PDF]

Mughees, Atif, et al. "AB3C: adaptive boundary-based band-categorization of hyperspectral images." Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 10.4 (2016): 046009-046009 [PDF]

Meiqing Zhang, Linmi Tao, Yin Zheng, Yangzhou Du: A Failure-Aware Explicit Shape Regression Model for Facial Landmark Detection in Video. IEEE Signal Process. Lett. 21(2): 244-248 (2014). [PDF]

Linmi Tao, Meiqing Zhang: Understanding an Online Classroom System: Design and Implementation Based on a Model Blending Pedagogy and HCI. IEEE T. Human-Machine Systems 43(5): 465-478 (2013). [PDF]

Haq, S.U., et al., A Fast and Robust Sparse Approach for Hyperspectral Data Classification Using a Few Labeled Samples. IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 2012. 50(6): p. 2287-2302. [PDF]

Wang G, Tao L, Di H, et al. A Scalable Distributed Architecture for Intelligent Vision System. IEEE Trans. Industrial Informatics, 2012, 8(1): 91-99. [PDF]

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Dai P, Di H, Dong L, et al. Group Interaction Analysis in Dynamic Context. IEEE TRANS. SYSTEMS, MAN, AND CYBERNETICS B: CYBERNETICS, 2008, 38(1): 275-282. [PDF]

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Chinese Conference Papers

叶喜勇, 陶霖密与王国健, 基于动作理解的隐式交互, in 第七届和谐人机环境联合学术会议(HHME2011)、第20届全国多媒体学术会议(NCMT2011)、第7届全国人机交互学术会议(CHCI2011)、第7届全国普适计算学术会议(PCC2011)2011: 中国北京. 第 91-98页. [PDF]

叶喜勇等, 视角无关的人体躯干动作识别, in 第六届和谐人机环境联合学术会议(HHME2010)、第19届全国多媒体学术会议(NCMT2010)、第6届全国人机交互学术会议(CHCI2010)、第5届全国普适计算学术会议(PCC2010)2010: 中国河南洛阳. 第 774-781页. [PDF]

王国建等, 视觉系统分布式计算结构模型的构建与实现, in 第六届和谐人机环境联合学术会议(HHME2010)、第19届全国多媒体学术会议(NCMT2010)、第6届全国人机交互学术会议(CHCI2010)、第5届全国普适计算学术会议(PCC2010)2010: 中国河南洛阳. 第 540-550页. [PDF]

陶霖密等, 人-车交互系统的设计与实现, in 第18届全国多媒体学术会议(NCMT2009)、第5届全国人机交互学术会议(CHCI2009)、第5届全国普适计算学术会议(PCC2009)2009: 中国陕西西安. 第 346-351页. [PDF]

董力赓, 陶霖密与徐光, 一种基于头部姿态分析注意力目标的概率推理模型, in 第18届全国多媒体学术会议(NCMT2009)、第5届全国人机交互学术会议(CHCI2009)、第5届全国普适计算学术会议(PCC2009)2009: 中国陕西西安. 第 267-274页. [PDF]

孙佩宏与陶霖密, PAD情感空间中情感距离度量方法, in 第四届和谐人机环境联合学术会议2008: 昆明. [PDF]

陈健等, 分布式视频信息处理系统的设计与实现, in 第四届和谐人机环境联合学术会议2008: 昆明. [PDF]

郭楠, 陶霖密与胡起秀, 用于话者识别的有效语音实时提取, in 第四届和谐人机环境联合学术会议2008: 昆明. [PDF]

黄飞跃与徐光祐, 多摄像机应用中的视频同步, in 第三届和谐人机环境联合(第16届全国多媒体技术、第3届全国人机交互、第3届全国普适计算)学术会议2007: 济南.

黄飞跃与徐光祐, 自然的人体动作识别, in 第三届和谐人机环境联合(第16届全国多媒体技术、第3届全国人机交互、第3届全国普适计算)学术会议2007: 济南.

潘红艳等, Th-Notes多通道共享笔记系统的设计与实现, in 第五届中国计算机支持的协同工作学术会议(C=CSCW2006)与第三届全国智能信息网络学术会议(IIN2006)2006: 福州.

梁杨, 陶霖密与宋斌恒, 多通道视频数据处理平台的设计与实现, in 第二届和谐人机环境联合(第15届全国多媒体技术、第2届全国人机交互、第2届全国普适计算)学术会议2006: 杭州.

蒋亮等, 面向行为分析的前景目标的持续检测, in 第二届和谐人机环境联合(第15届全国多媒体技术、第2届全国人机交互、第2届全国普适计算)学术会议2006: 杭州.

徐光祐等, 对偶空间中的普适计算, in 第十四届全国多媒体技术、第一届全国普适计算、第一届全国人机交互联合学术会议(第一届全国和谐人机环境联合学术大会)2005: 昆明.

张翔等, 基于觉察上下文的实时档案系统, in 第十四届全国多媒体技术、第一届全国普适计算、第一届全国人机交互联合学术会议(第一届全国和谐人机环境联合学术大会)2005: 昆明.

杨陈科, 陶霖密与潘红艳, 情感信息实验平台的设计与实现, in 第十四届全国多媒体技术、第一届全国普适计算、第一届全国人机交互联合学术会议(第一届全国和谐人机环境联合学术大会)2005: 昆明.

陈渝等, 一个面向普适计算基于构件化的Agent中间件系统, in 第十四届全国多媒体技术、第一届全国普适计算、第一届全国人机交互联合学术会议(第一届全国和谐人机环境联合学术大会)2005: 昆明.

张军等, 支持多动因动作及其融合的生动人脸动画技术, in 第十四届全国多媒体技术、第一届全国普适计算、第一届全国人机交互联合学术会议(第一届全国和谐人机环境联合学术大会)2005: 昆明.

金国英, 孙兴华与徐光祐, 基于HMM的足球视频事件检测, in 第十二届全国多媒体技术学术会议2003: 贵州.

孙兴华, 徐光祐与金国英, 基于全局统计的MPEG视频分割, in 第十二届全国多媒体技术学术会议2003: 贵州.

徐映等, 普适计算环境中移动电话一种新的应用模式, in 第十二届全国多媒体技术学术会议2003: 贵州.

符铁砚等, 一种基于背景模型的自适应的对话语流切分方法, in 第十二届全国多媒体技术学术会议2003: 贵州.

何致远, 胡起秀与徐光祐, 说话人识别中语音切分算法的研究, in 2002年全国理论计算机科学学术年会2002: 长沙.

陶霖密与徐光佑, 基于物理模型的色度学体系, in 第八届全国多媒体技术学术会议1999: 成都.

Chinese Journal Papers

JABEEN Farzana, 田琳琳, 任怡, 等 . 针对可穿戴设备的虚拟鼠标[J]. 智能系统学报, 2017, 12(2): 133-139. [PDF]

聂慧饶, 陶霖密. 基于语义分层的行为推理框架[J]. 智能系统学报, 2015, 10(2): 178-186. [PDF]

董力赓等, 一种基于动态贝叶斯网的视觉注意力识别方法. 电子学报, 2011. 39(z1): 第140-146页. [PDF]

史元春等, 中国多媒体技术研究:2010. 中国图象图形学报, 2011. 16(7): 第1127-1133页. [PDF]

王国建与陶霖密, 支持隐式人机交互的分布式视觉系统. 中国图象图形学报A, 2010. 15(8): 第1133-1138页. [PDF]

史元春, 徐光祐与高原, 中国多媒体技术研究:2009. 中国图象图形学报A, 2010. 15(7): 第1023-1041页. [PDF]

徐光祐与曹媛媛, 动作识别与行为理解综述. 中国图象图形学报A, 2009. 14(2): 第189-195页. [PDF]

刘烨, 陶霖密与傅小兰, 基于情绪图片的PAD情感状态模型分析. 中国图象图形学报A, 2009. 14(5): 第753-758页. [PDF]

陶霖密, 情感计算研究进展与展望. 中国图象图形学报A, 2009. 14(5): 第封2页. [PDF]

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徐光祐, 以人为中心的计算机视觉应用. 中国图象图形学报A, 2009. 14(2): 第封2页. [PDF]

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