Project works

2.Virtual Mouse

One of the most common interactive mode with computers is mouse operations include movement and click. Considering users' existing habits, the mouse model provides a virtual steeling wheel imitating natural pattern to manipulate the actual cursor. Because the targeted users only have limited motion, this mouse model use alternative interface design to compensate for the deficiency in physical movement. Choices are designed to twinkle in turn so that only one signal will hold the whole game. Icons, including up, down, left, right and stop, are in accords with common sense in movement and directions, this way, if any signal is detected, the cursor will intuitively move towards the direction or stop. Same as real mouse, this model could serve as a basic interactive tool to support an interaction-oriented process. Besides, functions like click, home, keyboard are attached to the mouse model so that to help users quickly transform their targets. The working of the virtual mouse is shown in the below video.

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