Computer Vision and Image Processing

  • Video Processing and Understanding
  • Visual Navigation for Moving Vehicle
  • Visual Surveillance
  • Color Vision

Multimodal Interface

  • Face Recognition and Animation
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Biometrics Identification
  • Human Body Tracking and Avatar

Computer Graphics

  • Computer Aided Geometric Design
  • Theory and Algorithms of Realistic Graphics
  • Computer Animation
  • Virtual Reality

Human-Computer Speech Interaction

  • Text-Independent Speaker Recoginition & Identification
  • Content based audio Indexing
  • Multilingual Text-To-Speech
  • Speech System and Speech Encoding

Human Computer Interaction

  • Multimodality Fusion
  • Context Aware Computing
  • Direct Interaction on Display Surface
  • Semantic Model of Interaction Interface
  • Smart Space

Pervasive Computing

  • Embedded System
  • Computing Platform for Smart Space
  • Software Infrastructure for Pervasive Computing
  • Spontaneous Interoperation among Devices
  • Location Detection and Location Information Model

Multimedia Information Processing

  • Media Compression
  • Streaming and VoD
  • Content-based Multimedia Retrieval
  • Interactive Multi-view/3D Video
  • Multimedia Adaptive Transport
  • Interactive Multimedia Multicast Protocol
  • Computer Supported Cooperative Work
  • Apps on e-learning, Distant Medical Treatment, etc

Computer Network

  • Ad-hoc Network Routing
  • Program Mining
  • Manageable Multimedia Network Computer
  • Network Platform of Connected Appliances