The primary mission of Institute of HCI and Media Integration is research in Human Computer Interaction and Pervasive Computing, Media Information Processing and Understanding.  The Institute is also the home of the Key Laboratory of Pervasive Computing (Tsinghua University), Ministry of Education, and the HCI and Media Integration Branch of State Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology and System.

More specific research topics in HCI and Pervasive Computing include, Principles of Humane HCI, Multi-modality Information Fusion, Smart Space, Context-awareness, Information Appliance, and Software Infrastructure for Pervasive Computing.

More specific research topics in Media Information Processing and Understanding include, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Voice Recognition and Synthesize, Intelligent Human Computer Interfaces, Realistic Graphics, Virtual Environment Modeling and Interaction, Mutlimedia Information Compression, Coding, Streaming, Transforming, Retrieval, and Computer Supported Cooperative Work.